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I updated the q&a.

I shouldn’t even be awake right now heh. Matt will be here later on today… so don’t expect to see me around all that much.

My mind is so cracked out lately I swear. So forgive me if I um sound cracked out lol.

Again about the job… it isn’t the job itself, I know I am lucky to be employed, I am just stressed out that I am taken advantage of and that other employees who do not a damn thing continue to get away with it.

I still have a cough deep in my chest, it sucks.

I am glad that everyone likes the new layout lol.

Ugh I don’t like sounding so jumbled!!

I’ve been sleeping a lot lately too, which partly comes from working weird hours (7am anyone?) and partly because I continue to feel like crap with this cough heh. So I have not done much online lately, I can’t seem to focus on anything anymore, I don’t know why that is. I feel very…. like I am pushing through a wall of water mentally. It bothers me a lot.

I need lunch ideas desperately for work. Affordable yet super yummy and if possible, healthy as well.

I have the past few layouts just saved to make this easier on me if I decide to do this lol.

Ok I am going to attempt sleep for now heh.

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posted on November 19th 2003 at 3:52AM CST

Oh Hun, I know all about 7:00 AM _ I know all about 5:00 AM trying to get Twist ready for his 6:30 AM school bus and my 7:00 am work starting time.  Even when I don’t work I still see 5:30 AM attempting to ready him for school.  It’s only just begun, I fear to tell you!

I know too about the damn annoying cough. Twist was up all night with it and I’m fighting my own cold virus demons.  Yes, it truly sucks. Winter sucks even when it’s nice cause everyone is sick and can’t enjoy it anyway.

Hang in there!  Enjoy your visit with Matt and chubs. Hopefully it will not be so confusing as the last!

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posted on November 19th 2003 at 4:31AM CST

Wow.. I love your site, the layout is very relaxing…:)