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March 9th 2012 / 6 minutes to read

You know what’s super awesome and fun? Life.

Starting Wednesday the 22nd and lasting until a few days ago I’ve been living in excruciating pain.

It began Wednesday with a TWO HOUR MEETING at my oldest son’s school with over six individuals about where he is educationally and about the bullying issues we’ve been dealing with. To sum it up because I still am so very angry… his school is utterly useless. The principal and his teacher? Could give a shit about what my son is having to deal with each and every day just because he’s taller than the rest of his bitchy little classmates. EVERY DAY I ask him if he wants to stay home because I will not be one of those parents that forces their child to go to school to be bullied and every day he tells me he’s “hoping” today will be BETTER, that the little evil children will be KIND to him. He is far too generous and forgiving.

I told him this morning that if it happens again and he tells the nearest teacher, his own teacher, and the principal and NO ONE DOES ANYTHING? I’m going to the superintendent and filing a report.

I despise this school. There’s so much more but it would require writing a novel.

He wants to finish out the 4th grade here and then be homeschooled (we previously unschooled after he was in the useless public school system here for two years) for 5th grade and see after that if he wants to attempt middle school.

Then it’s Thursday and I went in for my scheduled perio-scaling. What’s that? Oh a joyous procedure where you get around four shots of Novocaine and they use metal power tools to scrape under and around your tender gums. My appointment was in the morning, 10am, so I didn’t eat or drink ANYTHING. During the procedure my dentist asked me if I would allow her to find another dentist to do a root canal for me THAT DAY. I said SURE since everything I was told was that a root canal doesn’t really hurt.

So I head over (still numb) to dentist . Where he does my second set of x-rays (this is important) and then visually inspects the tooth to see it has a huge crack and had to be extracted and couldn’t be “saved”. Oh but wait, he doesn’t DO extractions.

Off to a THIRD dentist and a THIRD set of x-rays (again, important!). So mind you, STILL NUMB on the left side of my mouth. At this point it’s past 6pm. I now get FOUR MORE shots of Novocaine on the RIGHT side of my mouth. So my entire mouth is numb. He pulls the tooth and says, “YAY we got it!” and then… looks at my mouth… gives me a look of pity and says, “Oh I am so sorry about what’s about to happen!”. Huh? He just said he had the tooth… right?

Longgggg story short, turns out after THREE sets of x-rays no one saw the SECRET ROOT! So he had to then chisel, chip away, yank with dental pliers, and drill the crap out of my poor tender mouth.

Let me remind you it’s about 7pm and I’ve not had ONE drop of ANY beverage and not one crumb of any food item.

I get sent home and by the time it was around 10pm I was in sheer agony. All I could do was cry. My husband went and filled my Tylenol w/codeine prescription (which I wasn’t going to fill because I don’t like taking meds in GENERAL much less while breastfeeding) and I then took one as per the label on the bottle.

Didn’t do a damn thing. So now we are into the wee hours of Friday morning. Around 5:30a I wake up with a blinding migraine and proceed to call my poor twin sister BAWLING which in turn made her start to cry because the pain of my head combined with all the oral trauma was simply too much. I want to cry again just thinking about it! My husband gave me another Tylenol w/codeine and my normal migraine cocktail. Not only did nothing work but the pain got worse so off to the ER we went. Which let me tell you, putting a migraine sufferer in a LOUD and BRIGHT waiting room for 40 minutes before even seeing them? Doesn’t help. Not one bit! After a ton of BS from the on call doctors (they were convinced it was caused by getting my tooth extracted, rather than my over 20 years of being a migraine sufferer and that I had been to this ER a few times in the past for migraines), I finally got an IV which took a bit since I was super dehydrated, and some medication that took merely the edge off.

Yeah, tired of reading all that? Ugh.

So I’m NOW finally feeling a small bit better.

I gained three pounds over February so getting back into gear with MyFitnessPal and using my Fitbit. Even been attempting to do C25k on my treadmill. I can barely get half way through but still, I can stumble and gasp my way through “running” at 4mph / 1.0 incline for about a whole MINUTE. Still feel like crap afterwards, working out makes me more aware of my fatness, also? Weird and random pain after, for example, my throat feels like it’s on FIRE after attempting to pretend to be someone who is super athletic.

Anyway, here’s some random photos.

Isn’t that pretty? I love my Lacquistry nail polishes! They have their own shelf now!

Oh my little one? HARDCORE into drawing lately. He has these stories too on what he’s drawing and is really good with details and circles! Keep in mind he isn’t even 2 1/2yrs old yet!

And for kicks, here’s a photo of him from a couple hours ago, decided to go black and white for once! This is his “Momma has the camera out AGAIN!” smile. I usually get either the smile, a thumbs up, or a combo of both.

Lastly, my recent Instagram photos!

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Oh dear god, you poor woman. That sounds horrific. I’m glad you’re feeling a little better now.

As for the bullying, gosh, I can’t believe some schools are still willing to turn a blind eye to that? After all of the campaigns, after the news reports about teen suicide… how can they still sit back and pretend it isn’t happening.

Well, at least if he goes back in middle school the other boys will start to grow. Children aren’t kind, and I know it’s because they’re insecure… the little kids want to be tall, so they make fun of the tall kids… I was called giant all the time until 9th grade, when suddenly being 5’6″ wasn’t tall compared to the boys…

He’ll be okay, as long as he always has your support. You’re awesome.

Reply to Samantha

Oh it’s been non-stop. We’re given excuses each and every time. Both my husband and I have gone to the school countless times and given the runaround.

Here’s just a SAMPLE:

“Oh SHE couldn’t have said those things, she’s extremely religious!”
“I’m sure SHE didn’t MEAN to call your son and that other boy GAY in a BAD WAY”
“Oh there is NO way, HE is doing those things, he’s so much smaller and is such a sweet boy”
“I doubt HE would do those things, he’s so smart!”

All about children who have told my son he’s stupid, can’t read, have SPIT ON HIM, shoved him, pushed him, yelled at him, called him names…

And what does my son do? NOT A DAMN THING. I think he tried to defend himself a COUPLE times and each time HE is sent to “safety town” and told HE should KNOW BETTER.

So it’s why every night before bed and every morning before school, I ask him if he wants to stay home and more often than not, he wants to go to school because each day he hopes it will improve.

He didn’t get that positive thinking from me LOL!

I will be honest and say it probably is more damaging to ME than it is to him (based on how we process things). I don’t sleep, it has me stressed out Monday through Friday. I am filled with so much blinding rage towards these adults that are supposed to not only educate (ha, epic fail there too!) but PROTECT and keep a SAFE environment for children.

Angry. So angry.

Joni Rae

Awww. I am SO sorry that you have had to deal with so much lately. <3 Hopefully spring will be filled with awesome and happy stuff!

Reply to Joni Rae

I hope so… I really do!

Jennifer Tait

It’s unbelievable in this day and age that bullying exists. I wonder where in the hell are these parents and what exactly are they teaching their children. I worry that I am not being a good enough parent to my daughter. I want her to see the good in everyone/thing and have compassion and empathy and learn right and wrong and be ethical and moral. I hope that I don’t fail in teaching and modeling those things. Don’t we want a better society instead of all the keeping up with jones crap that seems to be going on now. Shouldn’t we be grateful for the things we do have? Schools drive me crazy sometimes. Teachers need to set up and pay attention and parents need to back the teacher like they did when I was in school. If your teacher called home you did do something wrong instead the parents seem to be making excuses (not all parents but seems like a good majority of them). Is this the switch from a single family income to a dual? And so moms/dads feel like they short change their kids and they let things slide? Sorry for the vent. My daughter is only two and I worry about these things. Heck we are making a change in day cares and for really good reason but I still feel like is this the right decision and yes it is but I am still nervous. I can only imagine how heart wrenching this situation would be cause I would so be momma bear about it.

As far as the dentist I am really sorry about that too. I have only had bad experiences when I was little. I hate the dentist. Just please let me try the laughing gas for once.

Hope your Friday is much better and that you have a great weekend. I will try and send some great weather your way! Hopefully your migraine will leave and you can get some fun in with the boys and take some fun photos or yea know hit up Sephora for some retail therapy. Does the trick for me. ;)

Reply to Jennifer Tait

That Wednesday night, he had a school performance (everyone sang about Presidents’ Day) and he went up to a boy “Hey are you ok? I heard you were absent!” and this boy gave MY son the nastiest look and walked away. My son? ASKS AGAIN thinking the boy simply didn’t hear him (at this point the boys mother was next to him) and again, same rude response. What did the mother do?

“You should answer him…” and then walked away. The boy continued to ignore my son who only wanted to make sure the kid was feeling ok.

Funny enough (for the retail therapy) I JUST got the mail and with it came two Giorgio Armani eyes to kill intense eyeshadows and a corrector LOL!


I am so sorry you had to go through all that at the dentist and I hope you continue to feel good.

Every year, kids seem to get worse and meaner. My daughter is 14 years old and she hates just about all other kids because of how they act. It’s a real shame that principles and teachers don’t want to do the job they signed up for which is to teach and help protect the children while in their care.

Reply to Manda

Sadly, I have MORE dentist appointments at the end of the month, cavities that need to be filled (first time!).

It creates such a helpless situation doesn’t it! It’s literally ALL I can do to remember these children are LITTLE KIDS because my instinct is to protect my son and rip these kids a new one. The school cares only about how many bodies / funding they get.


You have my sympathies. I hate the dentist. Hate. I can’t imagine going to see 3 in one day. I’m sorry the school isn’t doing anything about the bullying. That sucks. Bullying is awful and makes kids who are bullied feel so alone. I hate that the school isn’t doing anything about it.

Reply to Nicole

What makes the school situation even WORSE? Is that they make excuses or BLAME my son. I’d (in some ways) find it easier if they ignored EVERYTHING rather than pretend to care/do anything and let my son believe he’s safe when he’s not.


At the risk of sounding like a fortune cookie, don’t worry, good things are coming. After all this, they have to!

Love the drawing!

Reply to Crystal

I really REALLY hope so!

Oh yes, he’s so detail orientated LOL!

What a horrible, terrible, no good day. D: I hope you’re recovering soon. I saw you talking about pain on Twitter, but I had no idea it was anything of this magnitude! No wonder everyone hates the dentist. :(

What drives me crazy about the tooth extraction in GENERAL? I asked FIVE YEARS AGO for that SAME TOOTH to get pulled because I was having so many issues with it then.


i’m sorry your son is going through hell at his school. that’s one thing i’m worried about when my son gets into higher grades. the children here all come from rich families so they’re bred to be ignorant little snots (just like their parents). and mine is so nice and friendly i worry about him.

hope things turn out better for your boy. if not… sue them up and down and take ’em for everything they got!! :P

Reply to Jenny

We don’t live in a “rich” area but more like middle-class to “urban” and my son actually is MORE of a minority at this particular school because he is is not of the three “standard” ethnic backgrounds at this school which are Mexican, Polish, and Indian.

At recess (which is only TWO DAYS A WEEK), they form teams of “the Mexicans VS the Polish” and tell my son he can’t play because he doesn’t “belong” to either group.

I brought that up to the school a few times and they find no problem with it.

Every day it’s a struggle for me to let him finish out the grade there.


are you serious?! that’s f’d up to the max man… wow.

Reply to Jenny

You seriously gave me the chills thinking about all that dental work. Ugh.

P.S. Public schools suck.

Reply to Kerri

I’m so traumatized by it. I was going to have my impacted/sideways wisdom tooth pulled this month but I’m going to cancel because I don’t think I can handle another “secret issue” again so soon.


I am thankful for not having my wisdom teeth ever come in. I don’t blame you for cancelling. I definitely would have.

Reply to Kerri

I’m SO sorry for all you’ve been going through! I’ve been through a lot of that with the dentist, although not all on the same day at least. I had one root canal and the dentist had trouble finding the last root… apparently it didn’t show up on the x-ray either but he kept looking because he felt certain there should be another one. You wouldn’t think those things could hide, would you? And I’ve had the cracked tooth and extraction, although my dentist at the time wanted to try to save it and put a temp crown on it. I was in pain for 5 weeks before the crack spread and he sent me to a specialist for extraction. (Grr… nearly 7 years later, I’m still mad about that one.) I went to a new dentist for the replacement and he did a bridge (a permanent piece that fits over the neighboring teeth and spans the gap). It took forever to get right since I have short teeth, and I’m not sure it was the best choice for me, but I’m stuck with it now. Make sure you don’t let your dentist push you into a choice without understanding all the ramifications (how it affects the other teeth, how it affects your bite, how long before it needs replacing, etc). Hugs!!!

Yeah it’s the SAME TOOTH I asked to get pulled FIVE YEARS AGO. I still can’t get over that.

I like my current dentist, just not the OTHER dentists I’ve been to over the years ugh.

The Chick

Oh my, Sarah! I’m so sorry to hear about all the pain you’ve been in. And your poor boy! That just burns me up! One of the major reasons why we homeschool, although it can’t wlays be avoided because you will run into nasty kids everywhere, but the fact that the school turns a blind eye is just awful. Your son sounds incredibly well-adjusted though and just takes it all in stride.

And your baby? Gorgeous! Seriously, he’s beautiful!

Reply to The Chick

There is SO much more to the school issues than the bullying too! Educationally he now feels “stupid” because they TELL him he “can’t read” above a specific level. When he entered the 4th grade he had some starter reading down… now? He’s regressed so much from where I had him because they TOLD HIM he “couldn’t read even ONE WORD!”.

They had a nervous breakdown that I was letting him read/try to read Harry Potter (with all of it’s made up words) because “HE CAN’T READ THAT!”

He was in public school from Kindergarten through 1st grade and the WHOLE TIME the school didn’t focus on education.

So we pulled him out and let him unschool because he was SO anti-education/learning/all of it. Last summer he expressed an interest in education so I started to teach him how to read and he has a knack for picking up math and he asked to go back to school (I do think in part because of those tween Disney shows making school seem like a fun party run by children).

SUCH a mistake. We’re going to visit my friend at the end of the month and she homeschools her children so he can see a curriculum at work which will give him an idea on how wonderful it can be (since he does need more guidance and structure than unschooling we’ve found).

Oh thank you! I crack up because I naturally have medium brown hair (with curls), the husband is a red-head (straight), and here we have this super curly blonde baby!

The Chick

Don’t beat yourself up over it though-he wanted to go and it is the school’s responsibility when he is there that he is getting what he needs educationally. Sometimes the educators can be WORSE than the kids. At least the kids have an excuse-they are kids, or maybe they haven’t been taught how to treat another human being, but the adults? There’s no excusing that!

I think it would be great for your son to see a more structured homeschool setting to see if that is something that would work for him. I know you’ve mentioned in the past how you aren’t much of a schedule person, but maybe you could look into a packaged curriculum that kind of sets it all out for you. Sometimes those things feel like they can limit your creativity, but there is nothing saying you have to do everything it says or can’t supplement with something he finds more interesting. We try to do a mix of more delight-directed stuff, with the more structured “reading, writing and arithmetic” type of stuff. At any rate, it is quite obvious that your son’s issues are not ABILITY-he seems very well-adjusted and mature, with a strong desire to learn-which is rare in a boy his age.

Do you have any co-ops in your area? That might be a way to get the best of both worlds. You can still do the more delight-directed stuff at home combined with the more structured classroom-type of education. I hope that you find a solution that works. Sometimes seeing our kids go through difficult circumstances is harder on us than it is on them. I am always amazed at how resilient and forgiving my kids are!

Reply to The Chick
Amanda Jillian

A secret root?! Oh my gods. I would have been like I haven’t eaten people! Glad you are starting to feel better. I hope your son stops getting bullied. I hate hearing about that.

Reply to Amanda Jillian

I actually did tell all three dentists I hadn’t had ONE drop of any fluid and not one crumb of food and they were like “oh”. That’s it.

Amanda Jillian


Reply to Amanda Jillian

I go back on Monday for a 4 hour appointment. AWESOME! It could be worse, at first it was like this:

Mon appt – “standard” filling of cavities with shots/drilling/etc
Thurs appt – more of the above
NEXT Mon after that appt – follow up perio-scaling/cleaning

My husband called because I WAS HYSTERICAL and it’s switched to the following:

Monday – LASER of the cavities no shots, no pain AND the perio-followup cleaning thing.

Amanda Jillian


Reply to Amanda Jillian

Sigh. Second time I have read this and it doesn’t make me cringe any less. Youre doing insanely well with working out considering how TERRIBLE you must feel. Hang in there champ and thanks for sharing the pictures. I love them.

Reply to Veronica

You’d think after the TWO HOUR MEETING where DH and I pretty much flipped out… things would have changed with the school, but… they haven’t.

Mouth wise? Still tender. I go next week to get a billion cavities filled AND a perio-scaling maintenance cleaning.

Yeah, for the cavities? Apparently the dentist only did “traditional” fillings, where my husband and son (he had 2 teeny ones) got the NON NOVOCAINE NON DRILL fillings aka LASER. So DH called for me because I was FLIPPING out and so I now am scheduled for the laser “painless” fillings at EIGHT AM next week.



OMG fingers crossed it ends next week. Also? WTF I didnt even know laser fillings existed!!! Good luck xo

Reply to Veronica

Oh, public schools… I don’t miss it. Or the bullying! Your little boy is a very strong person. I hated being bullied when I was that young!

I HATE dental work! Once my dentist slipped and stabbed my cheek, making it numb. I screamed and he immediately left the room WHILE I was crying! I was 17 at the time, I think. His assistant (who I miss) was hugging me and soothing me the whole time. As the years went on, he still had that “not-a-single-fuck-is-being-given” look. So I switched to a place that specializes in people with dentist phobia. They’re amazing.

In a moment like that, I’d ask to be put to sleep!

Reply to Zee

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