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March 29th 2001 / 3 minutes to read

Okey in response to
As I said before, BOTH clans need to stop instigating more fights, as you can tell your comment there has instigated this fight…I thought you were trying to resolve this fighting, no?
Posted by Dove @ 03/29/2001 04:54 AM EST

First, please comment to the topic you are discussing I have no clue why you commented on that pondering topic when it has NOTHING to do with Palace. Second, I feel people should know how I feel.why should I have to censor my thoughts and feelings on my own website *along with my twin sisters website* and my own blog? Third. You say she is 38 years old. Why in gods name would she be telling KIDS *minors* to behave so rudely? I have spoken to her I think 5 times in my entire life. Not once have I been rude to her nor have I spoken out of turn to her. Feel free to instant message me on AOL at PrincessSprite if you want to further discuss this. I want people to first get to KNOW me and not believe what they hear 2nd or 3rd hand. Many people whom say they got to know me say I was NOTHING like what they expected because they had been told so many stories. I may not be perky and friendly to people I do not know but I do warm up quite fast. I am 19 years old. I am a twin. I am engaged. I am addicted to coke and pepsi. I love TechTv. I love being online. I am Libran. I am a great cook. I am REAL. I have FEELINGS. When people are rude I feel HURT. No one has YET to offer an explanation of why they might dislike me. Its well because you did this. Please show me proof. People use the word HATE. Hate is the end of an EXTREME spectrum of feelings. Someone feels this feeling towards me because of a 2-d graphical based chat program community? If someone wants to feel HATE I suggest putting it towards the people who murder children, who abuse, who constrain. I don’t like the fact people dislike me but I am not going to change. I have a real life. I am who I am. As I quote John lennon
” Give peace a chance. Remember love. The only hope for any of us is peace. Violence begets violence. You’re all geniuses and you’re all beautiful. You don’t need anybody to tell you who you are or what you are. You are what you are. Go out there and get peace. Think peace. Live peace and breathe peace. You’ll get it as soon as you like. “—John Lennon

I do hope you Instant message me I also have ICQ and MSN messenger if you aren’t able to use AOL/AIM.

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