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Salty Issues

I just know I am slowly going insane. I was sitting here all of a sudden pondering salted water, see many witches use blessed water in their rituals… and I started thinking… well if you had an outside ritual… and sprinkled that water… SALT KILLS! (insert my inner voice laughing in a pleasant psycho manner) because really nothing grows if there is salt in the dirt (to my knowledge) so I keep thinking, can you imagine making banners, having protests “SALT SALT SALTTTT KILLLLSSS” and a big picture of like salt crystals on posters with a big slash in the middle of the image….

Seriously… I am going nuts.

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posted on May 20th 2004 at 6:52AM CDT

Oh my, Sarah. You are going nuts… *grins* Just playing. I have pondered that same thing before, excluding the banners though… :P

posted on May 20th 2004 at 8:12AM CDT

Insanity is my best friend, it breaks up the monotony of every day drudge. :o)  …. It wasn’t long ago I contemplated the purpose of chickens … took a bit but I decided they have no purpose except to make us food and a few from the netherlands playmates. haha haha haha

posted on May 20th 2004 at 10:26PM CDT

It’s ok, Sarah.  We still love you.

And thank you for informing me about that little bit on salt.  I never really gave much thought to it.

posted on May 22nd 2004 at 12:29AM CDT

You know, I never though about that. Heh [ponders] :)

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