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I am sure only the lovely Gina can even get some amusement out of the title of this entry lol.

Pagan@OSN has been totally overhauled so give it a look, tell me of any oddness.

Gina and I spent HOURS I am not kidding about 12+ hours doing all of that.

We want feedback!

I still need to move some hostees and sites but we got too excited, and we learned a lot although not what we wanted to… we also realised we are insane heh.

So, my sister is going up to visit her boyfriend in a few days, I told her I want her to get a picture of him in his uniform (he is in the army) then we can blow it up and put a huge poster size on her ceiling and she can look at it all stalker like.

Ok… I can’t think anymore :)

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posted on May 22nd 2004 at 2:43PM CDT

I like what you’ve done with the techno parts of it and love the way the entries are laid out but you know me… I don’t know crap about the underworkings although I’m certain the two of you did amazing things!