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Why yes, redid the design. I will be slowly fixing all the pages to go to XHTML strict  Go figure, I already was XHTML strict all I had to do was change the doctype.

I am hoping if not this weekend, that next weekend I can make a trip to the Chicago Botanic Gardens, especially in the evening… 5-7pm for that soft pinkish warm afternoon light. I haven’t really done any photo outings lately. Not sure why. Speaking of photo goodness, check out OneLotus!

Well this is a short entry for now, I will try and blog more later on tonight!

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Spring Equinox

A blessed Ostara / Spring Equinox / First Day of Spring to you!

Small OSN Refreshes

Changed the following to OSN:

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Wow, ABC is on a roll with the new shows lately! I really enjoyed The Company You Keep.

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posted on May 4th 2007 at 12:10PM CDT

Might be my favorite of all times Sarah. Pretty and simple to boot!

posted on May 4th 2007 at 12:12PM CDT

Oh – real quick. Can you link the above image or move explore osn to the top of your sidebar? My inclination is to click the logo to go back home. Annnnd, can we have more entries on the front page pleeeeeease ;)

posted on May 4th 2007 at 1:56PM CDT

Why XHTML Strict? I’m not a fan of it—I prefer Transitional—mostly because it doesn’t allow you to target=“_blank” your external links, to open them in a new window, which for me is a biiiig thing (and I refuse to use Javascriptfor that kind of thing, it’s not accessible rawr). :P I think that’s the only reason I don’t use Strict…

It’s very gorgeous though! :)

posted on May 5th 2007 at 1:18AM CDT

This template is beautiful, as always. You typically do some wonderful work here. ::off to surf through your pictures now::

posted on May 5th 2007 at 3:23AM CDT

why did you remove my link? I still have yours and proud of it :’( ,by the way, no problem, I still love you :-* no matter , your dandyna

posted on May 5th 2007 at 10:47AM CDT

Lovely layout!  The navigation image is divine.  I love those flowers.  I wish that I knew your webdesign secrets, heh.

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