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I’m still a bit cranky (which I ranted about in the restricted entry if you don’t have access and are registered and want access let me know).

My boss brought in her camera which had photos and a video and she gave me full details of the Nick Lachey performance last night.

I’m not working this weekend. I need to chill out.

I guess I am just in a phase where I need a hug. Too much emotional crap lately.

So um yeah. Hug me… in naughty ways!

posted on September 29th 2006 at 9:14PM CDT

That sucks that you don’t have tickets.  I didn’t think he was touring yet though, hopefully next time you get to see him.

posted on September 30th 2006 at 11:55AM CDT

hugs you in a naughty way hehe :P

posted on September 30th 2006 at 7:17PM CDT

I’m sorry about your emotional crap. It’s good that you have chill time. Be sure to eat plenty of chocolate!