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Im sorry about your headache. I’ve had one for like 2 days straight. I think it’s because I’m nervous because I’m starting a new job on Thursday. Anyhoo. I hope you feel better soon :)

Reply to Drea

i’m sorry. i hope you feel better soon.

Reply to mary

Yikes, I fear headaches! Is there any herbal remedy???Lemme see….can’t think of any.It’s mind over matter here.try your best!

Reply to Ataraxia

*hugs* I hope it goes away soon! I’ve been having headaches lately, too, but thankfully no more. *knocks on wood*

Reply to Kristin

Someone I know was just given water pills for migraines.  I’ve never heard of such a thing but she claims it is working.  Weird eh?

Reply to Barb

meh, headaches suck. Hope it goes away soon! :(

Beautiful site, though. It’s amazing :)

Reply to Beth

That sucks:( I suggest lots of water and lemon to get rid of it.

Reply to Kat

I hope you are feeling better soon. Headache sucks.

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