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Awww his big bright eyes are so beautiful and those little lips! Too cute! My fave have to be the one where he saw the strawberries on your hand, too precious! :D

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Thank you! Oh he is HARD CORE about his fruit. Right now the ultimate favorites would be fresh strawberries from our garden, peaches, blackberries, and watermelon!

We love to eat fresh strawberries, too! Yummy treat this time of year. Picking them is fun, as well.

Oh yes, we have a small strawberry patch growing but only get 3 or 4 berries a day. A local farm just opened up for the season so we will be picking a TON of strawberries in the next week or so, which will be a good thing because my boys LOVEEEE strawberries like crazy!

Those strawberries look fantastic! And what a sweet baby. Your site reminded me that I wanted to do my first Wordless Wednesday this week – thank you.

Thank you so much! YAY for doing WordlessWednesday! I made sure to comment!


I saw these on Flickr first and was going to comment on the strawberries, but I didn’t.

HOW AWESOME! It must be so exciting to eat freshly grown strawberries from YOUR GARDEN!

I love the expression on Tristan’s face as you’re presenting him with some strawberry. :)

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Omg it is SO exciting and they taste SO good! I was surprised we even have had any berries since I was told it can take a year or so after planting for them to bear fruit.

Oh dude… this boy LOVES to eat. Danny was not like that as a baby lol.

I love it! Seriously baby… then strawberry… then HAPPY. Toooo cute. I’m jealous of your lens too BTW. I’m dying for a 1.8 aperture lens for my D40.

LOL thank you! I’ve had that lens for YEARS, best one for portraits and it’s so cheap, like $125!


tristan’s face when he sees the strawberry is PRICELESS!!

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He LOVES his fruit. It’s so funny how much this kid can eat and STILL nurses like all day I swear!


All kinds of cute! Beautiful big eyes!

Reply to Courtney

Aww thank you so much!


Wonderful photos!
Have a great day!

Reply to Harriet

Thank you!

That last one is priceless. Thanks for sharing! Happy WW!

Thank you so much Alicia!

they both look so yummy! ;)

LOL thank you!

They both look plump and sweet – although only one would taste good on yogurt.

HAHAHA Thank you!

Eek! Just when I thought he couldn’t get any cuter, he went ahead and got cuter on me! lol I’m loving his teeth! Too cute! (Too many explanations points, but I can’t help it. lol) Love the strawberries too. They look yummy.
Thanks for stopping by Sarah. I’m trying to play catch up today. It’s been one heck of a week so far. Have a good one…

Kristi, Live and Love…Out Loud

The teeth get me EVERY TIME. I still need to get a photo of his vampire teeth, it cracks me up!


I love his face when he sees the strawberry!! We are growing strawberries right now, too. But you can’t see any yet so my son isn’t very interested. I can’t wait until he can tell what they are!

Reply to Natalie@mommyofamonster

I know right! Thank you!! For the longest time we just had a lot of flowers on all the plants, now we have berries AND flowers!


Beautiful! Some of my favorite things, strawberries and an adorable baby! Love the beautiful blue eyes! Happy WW!

Reply to Veronica

Thank you so much Veronica!


omg, his little face gives me baby urges like crazy! lol – Good thing I have new baby nieces to spoil to ease the urges.

And the strawberry pictures kind of make me sad because my boys drowned mine and I never did get any more planted.

Reply to Nicole

Aww thank you!

Have you thought about doing the berries in a hanging basket? I hear they can thrive like that!

Joni Rae

Ohhhh… Those beautiful EYES!!!! <3 <3 <3

Reply to Joni Rae

Thank you!! I think so too!!


This seemed really random to me, since I haven’t been here before, but it made me LOL, especially the baby’s face in some of those photos. And who doesn’t love strawberries? They’re my favorite fruit! :D

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Oh I was cracking up when I shot those photos, he was in awe of the berries I think lol!


Aw love it! We got our first two strawberries this week too :)

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That’s awesome! It’s so exciting to have your plants produce fruit isn’t it!


SQUEEE!!! <3<3_<

Reply to Keeshia

Love strawberries and babies, so this is an awesome pick-me-up!

Nina Amelia

You have a beautiful boy

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