May 20th 2003 / 2 minutes to read

I have been up since like 5:30am. Chubs woke up then, after we had gone to bed maybe 3am or so. He then passed out maybe 1 1/2 hours ago, so I washed diapers, took a shower (go me!) and ummm that is it so far haha.

Oh!! Keli (who oh so kicks ass, we have been friends for what… 4 years just about?) got me the Martha Stewart movie from NBC! How I love her!

Am I weird? Sometimes I just stare at my site. I am such a crack head.

Tonight is the last Buffy! I already read a spoiler but I am still just… wow… last BUFFY!

My sister is sick, so I am paranoid chubs might get her cold, today is a super nice day, since I am all fresh ‘n clean, whenever the wee bit wakes from his cute slumber, I am planning to walk around the complex, maybe put him on the slide for a bit.

Hmm… well you can always ask me a question or become an affiliate

I am just totally rambly right now… anyone have any suggestions of something healthy I could have for dinner?

Oh! I actually have a… well… it isn’t a rant per say… but I noticed lately a lot of younger teens have declared skinning a website a “trend” and some of them act like it’s this new thing… hello! We adults, (for example: Kristine, Amy (who basically created skinning)), were skinning since, oh geez, I know I was doing it late 2001 for a bit, then did it again in early-mid 2002… I am so very rambly, but my pointless point is how youngin’s pick up some sort of nifty new fun-ness and somehow turn it into something worthy of a debate, who started what when and how.

I am really adoring Shawn Desman lately.

Man… I need a coffee machine in a majorly bad way. I apologize to everyone for my lack of making sense.

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Your post made perfect sense to me.

I didn’t get to the last Buffy, but I read about it.  I am actually a little sad for some reason.  I am so used to it being on television.

I agree with you about the younger teens.  It actually makes me feel quite old.

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