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My sister used my ebay to bid on a book which was won. Then decides to refuse to pay. I don’t have $10 to pay for this book that she wants. It is Dean Koontz, The Face. Would anyone like to get this book? I can have it sent directly to you. Please let me know ASAP as the guy emails me (from the auction) I told him what happened but even I know that legally it doesn’t matter. So yeah I would really appreciate it if someone could take this book.

Edited to add:

Her: is there any of the two new books that you will finish tonight?
Me: once you pay for the dean koontz book you may read all my other books
Her: did you clean?
Me: Cleaning has nothing to do with an ebay transaction, if you want to act like this fine, you just won’t be able to read my books.
Her: tear and sob