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Which sabbat or holiday is your favorite and why?
Mabon (which is today!) and Samhain. Mabon because it is the start of the glorious season Autumn which I just adore, Samhain because it is the new year and a time to reflect and respect our ancestors.

What form of divination (if any) do you prefer and why? If you haven’t used divination before, what form most appeals to you and why? (Tarot, Runes, Tea leaves)
I adore and respect the Tarot even though I currently do not own a tarot deck.

What pantheon most appeals to your magical nature and why? (Celtic, Sumerian, Native American)
Greek, Celtic, and Native American. Greek because some of the Gods and Goddesses just speak to me, Celtic… just is starting to feel right in a lot of aspects, Native American because it is completely facinating!