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January 30th 2012 / 2 minutes to read

Let’s just dive right into it!

By Jodi: What kind of foundation would you suggest for fair skin?
I’m considered fair skin or as some “experts” at beauty stores/counters say “Wow I don’t know if we have something pale enough!”. Here’s the foundations I really like (color and formula as I have dry skin).

  • Mac Mineralize Satinfinish SPF 15 – NC20
  • Nars Sheer Glow – Gobi
  • Laura Mercier Moisturizing Foundation – Warm Ivory

By Jodi: What kind of cleanser would you suggest for oily skin?
Depends on what your budget it so here are a few options, ranging from drugstore pricing to fancy expensive stuff.

  • Basis Cleaner Clean Face Wash – back before I had my kids I had oily skin and LOVED this face wash
  • Philosophy Purity Made Simple One-Step Facial Cleanser – I use this a lot and it works well for all skin types
  • Fresh Soy Face Cleanser – hardcore favorite, I go between this and the Philosophy cleanser
  • Ok it’s not a cleanser but the Clarisonic is the BEST investment you could make for your skin!

By Kristi: I have a request, actually. I’d like to see your entire makeup and nail polish collection in one photo, maybe splayed out on the kitchen table or something.

Yeah THAT wasn’t going to happen so I broke it up into bits. I just shot these quickly with my point and shoot so forgive the quality! As for all my nail polishes, I posted about that here, Nail Polish Organization, however we added two more long shelves up top and I have gotten a few more polishes since that post. I’m sure I forgot stuff too but here’s the majority of it!

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Lay Your Hands

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You might be addicted to purchasing makeup if you can’t fit your entire collection in one photo… lol All kidding aside, I’m drooling over your collection! :)

AHAHA! If it helps, at least with the eyeliners and all the lipglosses, a LOT of those came in kits of 5-10 each over the holidays rather than buying them individually!

LOL. I also found a few more eyeliners, another eyelash curler, and a few more Mac products in the bathroom. I think the photo collage shows most of it though!


Wow! It’s like the make-up store is in your house :P I wish I lived in the same town as you because then I could come over and you’d show me what to do. I’m so clueless, but I’m thinking of starting some experimentation with makeup. (PS I love the comment thing, how it’s one colour).

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YAY! I love seeing makeup. It’s all so preeeetty!

I am getting the NARS foundation tomorrow, so I’m excited! Thanks for the recommendation.

Do you have NARS Orgasm? Do you like that? I hear AMAZING things about it.

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Yep! I have that in a small palette with a bronzer and highlighter!


Wow! I want a make-up collection like this!

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