First off, a warm welcome to my newest hostee!! Give her love!

Also, I would appreciate it if you could help me just by answering the simple poll in this entry!!

Should I skin OSN? (I did have it skinned back in 2002 but I am pondering bringing that feature back)

Tomorrow my sister is taking me to the bank so I can deposit my paycheck, then we are going to Applebees for lunch. I am going to attempt to convince her to take me to a resale shop if we have enough time. (Hmmm I am still unsure if this will actually happen… it really hurts for me to get my hopes up *since I am unable to go anywhere without someone ELSE providing transportation* and have them come down. It makes me feel as if I am less important to her than other people in her life.)

Hmm not much else to say. I was hoping at least one person would have contacted me about the layout in the previous entry lol so as it is, I would still really appreciate it if someone could help me decide if it is a decent design for OSN.

I am going to go back to reading!

Thank you SO SO SO MUCH Crystal!!

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posted on September 8th 2003 at 7:48PM CST

Yaaay…I was mentioned…anyways, I like your current layout, the background is very pretty.  But having it skinned would be pretty nifty.

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