March 31st 2004 / 4 minutes to read

Why am I still awake? Grr on that. Well at 3pm I have an interview with a temp agency. I had submitted my resume online and got a call back in less than 24 hours! I hope I am hired :)

My sister and I worked out on the treadmills again tonight, I need to make a perky CD to bring with me… any suggestions on workout music?

I am currently looking for a bunch of new hostees! I just realised that the form wasn’t working before, I have that fixed now so please apply! If you know anyone that would like to be hosted, send them over :)

I am still stressed out about my current job. Well what is left of it anyways. What had happened is that I called off on Sunday because of this evil chest cold I have. About 45 minutes later, the other manager called me and left a voicemail ranting and raving saying I wasn’t home and how my excuse is BS, etc. Really going off. So I call back explaining I was in the bathroom and I do not bring my phone in there just in case I somehow get a phone call. I actually typed out what to say beforehand so I didn’t sound ditzy heh. She went off and hung up on me. I recently found out that the manager has been telling everyone in earshot that I supposedly called her a bitch :( among other things. I also found out that if I had gone into work Monday, that they wanted to have me to come in just to send me home. So Monday I called (this is before I knew of this sending me home stuff) and I had to call off again because of this chest cold. I spoke to the store manager and explained about the phone situation and that I have the voicemail still and the file in which I pre-planned what to say. She said we could discuss it thursday… we will see about that. I am very uncomfortable going into work now but I would like the extra money and see if I can get through to the management at my store. I have the number for human resources (I wrote it down when I first got the job) so I might be giving them a call soon about this situation. It isn’t even just the phone crap that happened but all the bad things I have witnessed while working in that store. You have to wonder why there is such an extremely high turn over rate… from what I know from the 7 people or so that have quit since I started working and was friendly with, they all quit for the same reason. Bad management. I really don’t feel like letting go on this. I want it resolved professionally.

Now onto other thoughts heh.

Daniel learned to put his step stool next to our bed to climb into it, which is awesome, no need to toss him onto the bed anymore! He also mimics Matt in almost every way possible, it’s pretty funny. I tell Matt that Daniel is his baby shadow.

Oh yeah, depending on the skin (because location will vary lol) there is a new section in the .:Content:. area called Music of the Week, every week there will be a new theme and three mp3’s to download! You can always contact me if you have a suggestion for a theme. I am going to do my best not to slap up super common music if possible.

Well I should attempt some sleep so I am not too cracked out for the interview later!

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Album Art for Lay Your Hands

Simon Webbe

Lay Your Hands

Album Art for Linger

The Cranberries


Album Art for Sorry

Justin Guarini



Some song recommendations:

“Why Can’t I” by Liz Phair
“Pedal to the Medal” by Kazoom (from the Italian Job)
“The Wreckoning” by Boomkat (likewise, from TIJ – so catchy)

Anything from Simple Plan, punk bands like that. Really depends on what you can/can’t stand though. Of course, songs by Britney always up the heartbeat level and makes you want to like, bop your head.

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Hmmm…workout music, I’d definitely have to say some classic 80’s rock, hehe.  Nothing like sweatin’ to the oldies :P
Damn those evil managers, hope you find a new job soon.
Good luck with your interview!

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