December 17th 2006 / 2 minutes to read

I actually wanted to start this layout off with a richly colored photo but well I am not feeling richly colored at the moment so here’s a photo of a poem I wrote oh geez… back in 1999 or so. I found a lot of my old journals which, emotionally, is very difficult because I was in such a bad place within myself for such a long period of time. It doesn’t help that I would make my ex (my son’s father) write in my journals too as some sort of bonding experience. Re-reading everything makes my heart ache for that young girl. I was so completely lost. I had no purpose. I disregarded my own safety and my own life at times. I still haven’t come to terms with a lot of things I did in my past.

Perhaps I can start to in the upcoming year…

This weekend I took my son to the Notebaert Nature Museum. Has anyone ever been? It was ehhh it was ok. Then I took him to the lake which was nice, it wasn’t too bitterly cold yesterday. Then we hung out at my sister’s apartment and played video games, went out to dinner to Qdoba which is super yummy. I also got hit with a major migraine that is only now almost 24 hours later starting to subside. I have to do laundry and grocery shop but really not feeling physically up to it.

So in this incarnation, however brief it will be (y’all know how I get!), I cut back on the sidebar stuff updated the about chunk in the sidebar, the Imagine photo will be the top photo above the entry, and you can comment on the entry or the photo or both in the comments area.

I feel so guilty that I haven’t mailed out my holiday cards yet. I am such a procrastinator. I still need to buy stamps.

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