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I saw the specialist today, long story short, I have a new purple plastic custom splint that allows more use of my fingers so obviously, I am somewhat able to type even though it hurts a bit. The pain hasn’t really stopped although I am better at dealing with it. The doctor kept using the words “rare” and “unusual” about my case, fun. He doesn’t know exactly what is going on but that it should probably go away by itself in a few weeks. Great.

Anyway, since it hurts to type for the most part, here are photos I shot at the Pride Parade and a couple from the Strawberry Festival. I cried when I got home because it hurt so much to take photos but I couldn’t NOT take any photos. I am making sense aren’t I. Anyway, here you go!

Strawberry Festival

Strawberry Festival

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posted on June 28th 2007 at 6:07AM CDT

Wow, that’s so bizarre about your arm.  That it would just starting hurting, and even the doctor has no idea.  Hmm, well, I hope he’s right and it fixes itself in no time!

Your pictures are stunning as always.  I love these ones in particular because they come with the extra message attached to gay pride parades.  Everyone seems so happy and strong in the photographs and overjoyed to be themselves.  I particularly love the one of the man with the snake, as he’s surrounded by a regular crowd of non-snake-holding people.  Anyway, all beautiful pictures, fantastic color in all of them.

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posted on June 28th 2007 at 2:44PM CDT

Amazing shots at the parade!  Like I said over at Flickr, that first guy reminds me of a character in the movie AI.  Awesome.  I also love the second bubble shot. 

I hope you start healing up.  :

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posted on June 28th 2007 at 7:24PM CDT

I heart the second photo, like hard.  He looks like quite the fabulous gladiator.  And I lol’d at the “Ban Republican Marriage” poster.  (:

I hope the pain in your arm/hand goes away soon, and I’m sure you do too.  Now I’m off to eat some strawberries because you made me want some.  Haha.

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posted on June 29th 2007 at 11:23AM CDT

The pictures are absolutely stunning as usual. Have you ever considered putting a digital portfolio together and submitting it to different galleries? Few people have an eye for color/know how to utilize their cameras like you do.

I really hope they can figure out what is wrong with your wrist, it has to suck to not be able to do things as you normally would. Hopefully they can figure out what it is without having to “wait a few weeks” to see if it goes away by itself.


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posted on June 30th 2007 at 12:43AM CDT

OH MY GOSH! I randomly came by and surfed your site and checked out your flickr photos. And OH.MY.GOD. those are amazing. I am so impressed. I got a Nikon D80 back in April and I also enjoy taking pics of just everything around me but I only wish I were as talented as you are. Seriously. I just had to comment :) Keep up the great work. I will definitely come back and let you be my inspiration ;) Hehe. I love the photos!!!!! Amazing!!!!!

Take care.

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posted on July 1st 2007 at 11:25PM CDT

Those pictures are gorgeous! I especially like the first one, as well as a number of others, such as 7, 9, and 10. I love signs, I always want to have someone make them so I can put them around my house. I can’t make them myself, though, I’m not crafty.

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posted on July 3rd 2007 at 3:41PM CDT

Gorgeous! Everyone is shining with inner happiness and pride!