Happy 5th Birthday Tristan!

October 2nd 2014 / 1 minute to read

My youngest son has gone from being the uber squish…

to being the most awesome little boy!


He’s so generous, loving, and FUNNY! He has the best sense of humor and I am grateful every day that I’m given the privilege of being his mother.

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I Knew You Were Waiting (For Me)

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He is pretty amazing! So glad to hear that he loved his birthday. Was the pinata magical birthday goodness?

Reply to Amanda

Thank you! Oh yes, hardcore magical!

kristen @ glambunctious

What a presh boo! He looks like a total sweetie. Happy birthday to Tristan! <3

Reply to kristen @ glambunctious

Thank you!!


He’s such a beautiful child! How can he possibly be five already?

Reply to Crystal

Right?! It goes by too fast.


a very happy 5th birthday to you Tristan. wish I could have been with you. love grandmamma glenda

Reply to glenda
Barb (Shaarilla)

Wow, he’s adorable and 5? They grow so fast.

Reply to Barb (Shaarilla)

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