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Wow almost 1,000 hits on my counter!! How did THAT happen!!! Anyways I took some great advice on one of the message boards I am on and emailed my hostees explaining how I feel. I basically gave the option of participate more and stay or choose not to and find a new home. So far only Denise has replied and she is choosing to leave. Still waiting on the three others to reply. I am going to be much more picky in the future, build some sort of relationship first instead of hosting just to host like a few people seem to be doing. Anyways, I need to update the main index page a minor tad bit, update the hostees page, update the hosting page, umm what else…..perhaps add some more links to the links page…I wonder how many people actually read my blog? Wanna comment if you do? Just so I know? Of course there are a few people out there that I know read this but won’t comment heh but I am hoping the majority do! OHHHHH almost forgot to mention!!! Mary offered tonight to send me a TON of her old baby boy stuff! Since she kept it in case her brother might need it for his kids, I am so SO SO thrilled. Well I suppose I shall browse some sites, update some pages etc so comment if you read this to make big ol preggers here happy!