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December 12th 2023 / 4 minutes to read

Since my last post in October, it’s been a hellscape nightmare, for the most part.

My spouse again came home ill; as much as I’ve tried for years to get him to understand how I am diagnosed as immunocompromised, he rarely believes me or practices basic hygiene. So his “moderate cold” infected me within 48 hours and instantly turned into pneumonia. In February 2020, I was diagnosed with zero immunity to pneumonia, which makes sense as I have had it almost yearly since 2007.

I hadn’t had it since the end of January 2019, though, as the last few years I was masking, people in general were masking, and I’m a shut-in now after repeated “YOU WILL DIE IF YOU GET COVID” speeches from my numerous doctors.

On Tuesday, November 7th, I dragged myself to urgent care, 25 minutes away. They did the flu and COVID swabs, which were negative. I kept dozing in the room. After a couple of hours, a physician assistant told me to take a deep breath. My delightfully painful and chunky cough began in full force, and he said, “Yep, you need antibiotics.” I told him, “Pneumonia again, huh.” His reply was, “Yep!”

So I went, struggling to function in rush hour traffic at night, to pick up my prescriptions at the nearby Walgreens.

The first week, I did not sleep. At all. I couldn’t even doze. I did not eat. I lost 11lbs. I had ice packs on my head and face because the coughing, suffocating, drowning agony was triggering my migraines. I had that 103+ fever the entire week. The antibiotics finally kicked in, slowly, by Saturday. I could not shower without help, and I wouldn’t have my kids help me there, so I gave up until I could do it alone. My oldest was very close to calling emergency services because I was not improving. I had also completely lost my voice, and that took almost three weeks to return.

It’s only been the last ten days or so that I feel slightly more like myself, which is hilarious considering I have chronic health issues. Still, I would take one of my worst migraines over that again!

Moving on, a delightful photo of Winter with his teeny baby tongue! I have never seen him do this before, and it’s so freaking adorable!

Ok, back to reality: my car still hasn’t been dealt with. My spouse “took over,” and I have no idea what’s going on. At this point, I worry that the teen girl and her confrontational father will get away with damaging my car.

Speaking about my car, I finally got my spouse to replace my brake rotors after seven months of begging and pleading. It’s incredible how nice it is to have brakes that slow the car down without shaking violently!

This past weekend, I decided I could maybe function in public and went to the Tree-Ripe Fruit truck for the first time! I got their Georgia pecans and New Mexico pistachios. I also got a massive box of their Florida Satsuma Mandarins. AMAZING!! Seedless, truly sweet, we have blown through the box.

The open box there was for samples. The man, who was super nice and friendly, was holding the 20-lb box of my new Mandarin obsession.

Onto a sliver of delight, my twin sister got me roses!

My mother absolutely loved David Austin Roses, and when my sister saw them at her favorite flower shop, she felt she had to order them. What’s even more crazy is they came from Alexandra Farms. My twin’s full name is Alexandra. So we are convinced our mother wanted her Christmas David Austin Roses. They aren’t even fully opened, and yet they are HUGE and FLUFFY already! I put them in my mother’s floral antique pitcher as a flower vase.

Well, I think that’s it. How’s the past six weeks been for you?


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Pneumonia again!? That sucks! But those roses might be my new favorite flower. And that vase? Sooo pretty!

Anyway, I hope you get to feeling as good as possible given your health problems. :(

Oh, I know, my lungs hate me, LOL!

Thank you about the vase. It’s now a treasure to me since it belonged to my mother. I do my best always to have fresh flowers by my parents’ urns; it’s my priority.

I am hoping that 2024 gives me a break, I feel like I deserve it at this point, LOL!


Oh no! Pneumonia can definitely be scary. I’m glad the meds helped and you’re feeling a bit better, though. ❤️ Those flowers and the vase!!! Soo beautiful!

Reply to Bibirod

I usually know my warning signs for pneumonia, but I hadn’t had it in a few years due to masking, and to be fair, I was primed for it. My spouse got me ill from the end of September through most of October, and I had only recovered from that for about one week, so my body just mutated immediately.

Thank you! The flowers are even more fluffy and open today, and I am obsessed!

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