2023 Recap

December 25th 2023 / 3 minutes to read


This month started with a raging ear infection that a local urgent care gave me. I ended up going to a different urgent care once the infection moved into my jaw.

My oldest son turned 21.

Got a Costco membership.


I had lots of doctor appointments, and then my mother suddenly died.


My 22nd anniversary of blogging happened.

This is the month I became my father’s Power of Attorney and started to discover the years of abuse, lies, neglect, theft, and so much more that my brother had been and was continuing to do towards our father.


Introduced the world to Murder Baby Joy.

More doctor appointments.

Redesigned OneStarryNight.


I started to share the absolute insanity of my father’s situation.


More insanity with my father.

Dealing with my father’s bank and the gross neglect there.

Yep, more fucked up situations when it came to my father.

My GPU (graphics card) popped and lit on fire. I had to get a new graphics card.


My father died. Four months and two weeks after my mother died.

I worked very hard on my father’s obituary. I wasn’t included in my mother’s, which had to be fixed three times, so I wanted to make his as memorable as possible.

Trying to make sense of it all and failing.


Posted a photo of a sunflower.

I continued to try to make sense of it all. It didn’t work.

It would have been my mother’s 70th birthday; she died at 69, the same age as her mother.

Posted even more sunflower photos.


Took a month off blogging. I felt like (and still do) I was speaking to the void. That there’s no point.

Had the 15th anniversary of this relationship.


Celebrated my youngest son’s birthday and my birthday.

It would have been my father’s 73rd birthday.

I caught everyone up on my life.

I had my car backed into by a teenage girl who had her father “handle it.” My spouse “took over” on my end. What does this mean? Months later, my car still hasn’t been fixed or dealt with.

My oldest son’s father, after abandoning his son and not speaking to us for a full ten years, randomly messaged me on Facebook to complain about his life and his special needs son. He didn’t care that my parents died and didn’t ask about our son; for me, it boiled down to #Fucking2023 at this point.


Decorated my Kindle.

Spent far too much money on Black Friday.

OneStarryNight turned 22 years old.

Got severe pneumonia. Had an almost 104F temp for an entire week—lost 11lbs. I was the sickest I had ever been since 2014.


Got fruit from Tree Ripe and roses from my sister.

Had the 13th anniversary of this marriage.

I chose not to celebrate the holidays this year. I just can’t. I don’t have it in me.


Likes Instant Messaging by fLaMEd.

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@starrymom As another who wants to see 2023 die in a fire, thank you for sharing.

Some of us are reading.

@starrymom powerful. And so many things. I wish you time to recover.

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