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May 3rd 2012 / 3 minutes to read

Figured I do a “life update” sort of post. Partially because lists are awesome and partially because not a heck of a lot is going on!

  • I got rid of Food at OSN (not like anyone was really aware of it!) and will just go back to posting my recipes and such here.
  • I’ve been back on Weight Watchers Online for about a month now and have lost 12 lbs!
  • How does one remove super deep and large bush stumps without paying a fortune to a landscaper / owning a bobcat?
  • It’s almost farmer’s market time! SO EXCITED!
  • I decided to get an account over at ThisLife based on my friend’s recommendations on her post, This Little Life of Mine: Keeping My Life’s Memories Safe with ThisLife! LOVE IT SO MUCH! I had to get their largest plan naturally lol!
  • I bought two new books that I’m super excited about, Deadlocked: A Sookie Stackhouse Novel and Beyond the Sling!
  • My heart is just… overwhelmed with emotion for Diana, if you aren’t up to date on what’s going on for her, please offer your support for her and her unborn twin boys. She wrote a post about the current situation they are going through. The babies were born this morning. Please keep her and her family in your thoughts.
  • Haven’t heard from my mother after the last post where I shared the comments she had made, maybe it’s finally over with!
  • Got my oldest son Daniel set up with an IEP at his school, thinking happy shiny positive thoughts.
  • Also got my oldest son his very own iPhone! Due in part because we washed his iPod touch and in part because I’m a paranoid parent and like being in contact with him when he goes over to his friends houses (he doesn’t bring it to school… unless it was a field trip maybe).
  • Got myself the iPhone 4s! I previously had the iPhone 3gs. I upgraded for the camera, naturally lol. Gave my old phone to Tristan with all of his apps. I still need a case for it. Hard to find something purple and/or glittery! I just want something that is fantastic.
  • Been loving my shows lately! Especially Fringe, The Good Wife, Revenge, Missing, Awake, and Once Upon a Time!
  • A friend of mine has an AMAZING photo collage template up for a free download. So go download it! She also wrote a tutorial on how to use the template!
  • I already got my May “It Girl” Julep Box! Just need to do some swatches and then I’ll post about it! Just a bit said that I missed out on the add-on polishes because the site wasn’t working for me at the time.
  • In World of Warcraft, I’m going to freaking lose it. I’ve spent MONTHS trying to get Vyragosa with NO luck! That damn dragon is all I need to finish Frostbitten.
  • The husband and I are still pondering if we want to have a third child within the next two years. What made YOU decide to have more kids or to STOP having more children?
  • I bought the domain awhile back, trying to figure out what to do with it. Any suggestions?
  • I really want to get another tattoo, just not sure WHAT to get.
  • I miss the show Wife Swap.
  • Does anyone watch The Voice? Tony Lucca FTW!
  • After going 13 years without central air conditioning, I appreciate it all the more… especially when it’s 83 degrees with 58% humidity!

Bonus photos!

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Love the robin photo!

As for the tattoo business… I’m planning on getting a Libra related one (haven’t decided on a design yet) around my birthday. My friend’s getting one of the Scorpio constellation, but there’s only like 6 stars in Libra. Thoughts?

Also, is Once Upon a Time worth checking out?

Reply to Crystal

OHHH a Libra tattoo! I’d not even thought of that! Something that isn’t the typical symbol would be great. Now I’m going to have to look up Libra tattoos lol!

OHHH LOVE Once Upon A Time!! It started off a bit slow for my tastes but has gotten better the past couple of months. I love seeing the variations in the fairy tales and trying to figure out “who is who”.

Thanks so much for sharing my template and tutorial! That was so sweet of you, Sarah. I want a new tattoo too, but I don’t want to deal with the pain again. I’m working up the courage to get a camera tattoo on the inside of my wrist along with a photography quote. But don’t hold me to it. I’m such a chicken.

Dude, as you can see from my Leap into Spring Rain post, I was ALL over your collage template lol.

I NEED a photography tattoo. NEED IT. Just not sure what and where lol. I do want a dream catcher behind my ear and something on my left inner arm (right under the elbow).

I don’t find it to be SUPER painful? But I can tolerate a lot of physical pain, deep breathing helps lol.

Nina Amelia

It sounds like everything is going fairly good. :) That’s nice. And HEY OH for the AC!! I must say that I am absolutely on love with your comment form!

Reply to Nina Amelia

Thank you!!! I like having a pretty comment area lol makes it more inviting!


Last night I said… “I don’t know what I did before Revenge!” that show is my new obsession in life!

As for having another child. We are in a similar boat. We had two boys, both were HORRIBLE birth experiences and both were c-sections. I wasn’t planning on having a third because of my two previous birth experiences.

When I got pregnant with my daughter I was terrified and in the end I decided to have a scheduled c-section. You know that though.

My third and LAST birth experience with having as much as I could plan planned was the MOST positive experience I could have. If you ever want to talk about it you know my inbox is always open!

Reply to Danielle

LOVE Revenge! Best show EVARRRRR!

Aside from my rough pregnancies… I just don’t know how I’d handle the birth. I fought SO HARD for the failed VBAC and to even try to find someone to support me for a VBA2C? Seems impossible.


I wish Daniel wasn’t so… DANIEL because man is he hot! But enough Revenge… LOL!

For me I found a provider who would support a VBA2C but I knew if I tried again, and I lost control like I did with my VBAC (27+ Hour labor) I would be in a dark place.

The fact that I was with providers I trusted, AND I could control ALL I wanted to made a HUGE difference!

Reply to Danielle

Yeah, I don’t think I could handle all the FIGHTING and the being treated like crap again. I wouldn’t even know WHERE to give birth, if I could find home support because the three local hospitals I’ll NEVER EVER birth in them after what happened last time.

Love the photo of the pink flowers!

Sorry you aren’t friends with KitchenWitch any more. It’s tough when friendships fall apart, especially if you don’t understand what happened.

Wish I had some answers for your questions… Sorry! :-(

Thank you! I shot that at the Chicago Botanic Garden!

Yep, I will admit that I’m feeling a bit tender about it since I wasn’t given any explanation. I apparently “did” something and “acted” in a way that will forever remain a mystery heh.

Congrats on the weight loss! When I really do follow the plan it works so well for me.

I’m sorry you lost a friend. That’s always hard.

We are still planning to have more kids…but I have started to think maybe I should wait a little longer than I was originally planning. They’re both at ages I really enjoy and while I LOVE babies I don’t love constantly being tied to them because of nursing and never going anywhere because they won’t sleep. I think we might wait two years then have two more close together.

Speaking of tattoos, I sort of want one that looks just like the flowers next to your comment box! I’m not really kidding – I want vintage flowers over my shoulder although I keep chickening out because it will be my first big AND visible tattoo.

Oh yes, just have to follow the plan LOL! I ate a LOT of my flex points last night for DH’s birthday. I made steak and king salmon with mashed sweet potatoes and asparagus with butter, lemon, and parmesan lol. Fancy yo!

Thank you, it sucks. I don’t like being told I “did” something without being told exactly what it is that I “did”. It made me realize some harsh truths though.

Baby wise it’s weird, because Danny is already 10 and there is a 7 year age gap between him and Tristan… I feel like I’ve been a mom forever LOL!

OHHHH if you ever want me to make you a HUGE image of it to bring to your artist, let me know!

Brandy Ford

Sounds like you are doing good :) LUCKY!….I have been begging hubby for the IPhone :( Yeah that’s not happening right now. Congrats on the weight loss! Sorry about you and kitchenwitch….though I guess I have a bit of a confession. I hold back my personality when online, I have a morbid since of humor that most people don’t agree with. And apparently I’m mean as hell. lol I have been busy (sorry for no comments and only a few visits) I’m trying to sell my photography and have a hard time :) I have sold 2 prints from my Etsy shop, so that’s a bit exciting! All good things take time…right? lol
Oh the baby bit….I wanted three. Then my daughter (now 13) started talking…..and has NOT shut up lol No but really she is a handful. That’s why I stuck with my 2. A boy and a girl. :) I’m Loving Game of Thrones, The Big C, Nurse Jackie, and a few others :) Ok enough rambling

Reply to Brandy Ford

I hemmed and hawed over the iPhone but now? LOVE! The retina display and camera are just so worth it.

PSHH how are you mean? As long as there isn’t any vast differences in what your online “self” is compared to offline? Then you’re fine!

What’s your Etsy shop URL?

I am wondering if we’d end up with a third boy (which would be awesome!) or if we’d have a girl (if we do go that route!).

Brandy Ford

You keep up that “wondering” and you are going to have that third baby lol

Reply to Brandy Ford

I just love your use of textures!

Brandy Ford

Thank You :)

Reply to Brandy Ford

This post kicks ass. um what the hell happened with KW? Anyone that doesn’t like you is … how could someone not like you! Im pissed.

K and I are pretty sure we are done because we have plans and goals that just dont align with more kids/newborn/spending cash on tuition for 3, 4, 5, kids etc. Basically we are greedy ass yuppie types and all that. Imagine a trip to starbucks or whole foods with like 6 kids? thats a lot of money! that money could be spend on my future boat the “Gone Fission” anyhooo yay crazy mom is gone, YAY awesome pictures – stop being so talented damnit! – no keep going i love it – NICE WORK ON THE WEIGHT LOSS!!!

You do know we will be meeting soon. But youre probably gun shy cuz of KW but you shouldnt be because im awesome. My mom said so . im going to bed. can you tell im tired?

Reply to Veronica

Honestly? I have NO idea! I got an email about fixing her blog, I went to login and PW had been changed. Then saw I had been removed from everything / unfriended / unfollowed / etc.

I got upset, emailed that I was upset, and all I got in response was “You know what you did for this to happen!” basically.

My email attempts after that have been ignored. I shouldn’t be surprised I really REALLY shouldn’t but I’m not going to post why publicly.

Oh thank you! Spring is an easier time… later light lol. I do worry about the financial aspect of a third child, I have a teeny car and I don’t think another car seat would fit and we have a small house so again, I wonder about room (when everyone is a teen anyway).



Photos are gorgeous (as always!)
What is IEP?
I can’t wait to start reading the new Sookie Stackhouse. Apparently it’s the second to last one in the series, which makes me sad, but also I can’t wait to find out Sookie’s final fate!
Congrats on the 12lbs lost! That’s phenomenal!
As for losing a friend, I know it’s rough to have someone cut you out without them maturely telling you precisely why, but at the same time it’s also good to be completely cut off from someone who doesn’t think you’re worthy of an explanation. There’s nothing worse than dragging it out. Hopefully at some point she will contact you with her reason and that can be that. Nothing puts me off more than when people drum up drama and involve people who aren’t directly effected. You’re awesome, that’s all that matters!
And I’m so jealous of your iPhone 4S. My boyfriend has one (which is how I fell in love with Siri, lol) but I have to wait another 2 years because I signed a 4 year contract on my blackberry and to buy out would be like $200! Boo.

Reply to Samantha

Thank you! IEP is basically a structured plan for his education because he needs help with his speech (because we got the tongue tie removed), to help with his reading. Really it’s all his reading that’s the core of what he struggles with. He is SUPER amazing in math and even they said that it looks like he has other skills it’s just they don’t test for creativity and such in school lol.

I still haven’t had a chance to read it! Hoping this weekend I can start it!

I’d really love to be down another size by my birthday in October, but we shall see. I am losing consistently but not large amounts.

Oh seriously! I can’t STAND passive-aggressive behavior. I can’t repeat that enough! It really opened my eyes up, that’s for sure.

OH I LOVE MY PHONE! The retina display is AMAZING no joke and I need to figure out what else Siri can do, so far I use her to call people and send my husband text messages lol!

Juan says a chain saw will help you with the stump. He used to do landscaping so his word should be solid. :)

I know it’s none of my business, but you mentioned it here so I’ll just add my two cents. ;P I think you and the Kitchen Witch should kiss and make up. Life is too short for the drama and not talking. It’s rare that you find people you connect with. You guys have known each other for a while. It would be a shame to just throw something like that away. Regardless whose fault it is. I had a falling out with my best friend a while back. It was the worst. I didn’t know it at first. But as time went on I sure in hell felt it. It’s not fun. Years lost and for what? Some stupid argument that sure in hell wasn’t worth a best friend. Anyway, I hope you guys can work it out.

Keith tried with the chainsaw and it just won’t help with the roots and such sadly!

Dude, I’ve attempted contact numerous times and get ignored. I was removed/deleted/unfriended/all of it without an explanation. I tried reaching out and got slapped down. I can’t keep stalking my email wondering if she will respond to me.

It’s probably for the best in the long run because I lost a lot of trust after the visit (more like shell shocked) and I don’t think this can be repaired.

Is the ground wet when he attempts this? He says that’s how it’s done. You have to make sure the ground is wet enough (usually best after a rainy day) and use the chain saw. Then pull it out.

Dang that bad, huh? Well, maybe she’ll come around. First meetings are always kind of awkward.

OH wet! No! I thought that would damage a chainsaw?

I think the damage is done heh. It wasn’t that it was awkward (from my point of view) it was that it was so vastly the opposite of everything I thought I “knew”, then to deal with this high school crap? Cherry on top I guess.


I find it interesting that you think kitchenwitch is so different from what you thought she would be. I’ve known Joni for 4 years. We’ve hung out at each other’s houses on ghastly humid days, bitching about the heat and our husbands, with nothing to do and nowhere to go, yet enjoying the company nonetheless. I’ve seen her on her happy days and on her days filled with heart-breaking lows. I miss having her close-by to commiserate with on this “mindful parenting thing” when I can’t see how my last shred of energy is supposed to be spent being kind or attached to my kids. There is very little deviation from her blog to her “real life” persona, what you see is what you get; she aspires to be her best at the Super Woman role but fails miserably most of the time like all of us who try to parent/live intentionally. She is not full of bells and whistles, she is self-deprecating to a fault, doesn’t have a lot to give in a materialistic way but more than makes up for it by being ready with intelligent insight, a plate of food, and a hug. What else, exactly, does a friend need to be, besides those things?

You may want to entertain the thought that you may not have been what she was expecting either.

Reply to Danielle

Ok? I think you missed my point but… ok. Not comparing YOUR experience with MY experience.

I find it petty and immature to respond to an email with “you know what you did” and then keep it just that, high school cryptic 101.

I think it’s fantastic that you have a similar personality to her, great! If she felt that I was different than what she expected, fantastic! However, my point still remains the same, cryptic emails, refusal to have an adult conversation, combined with my experience (as well as my children and my husband’s experience) isn’t going to change simply because other people have a different perspective on how THEY interacted with another individual.

I do appreciate you commenting, I know you feel like you need to defend your friend (against what, I’m not sure?) and that’s admirable.


Mmm, a friend here of KW’s as well, and I am pretty sure that you know what you did…And why not be honest on here instead of playing the pity card. She is a beautiful, honest human being and one who is taking the high road. You deleted her first, not she you, please be honest….
And..of course she changed her passwords when she felt like she couldn’t trust you.

Reply to Sarah

Oh wow, seriously? This is because I purged her (and my husband btw) along with THIRTY other individuals from my PRIVATE twitter?

Are you kidding me? So my numerous emails asking what it is I did only to get a cryptic response is because I’m no longer a friend if someone doesn’t have full access to my life?


Also, not sure what her passwords have to do with anything. By all means, that’s her right. I have no issue with that. I have issue with how she handled things. I’m allowed to have my feelings on the subject and I’m allowed to express those feelings. I’m not divulging her personal life.

Hell yeah, Tony Lucca!

And I’m sorry about what happened with your former friend. :(

I’m excited about the farmer’s markets as well! :D Still seems like the cold wants to hold on. It’s been nice and will be nice, but I’m just expecting 30s, 40s and 50s to creep back up on us before May and June are done.

Tony FTW!!!! I’ve bought almost all his Voice songs. I about DIED when he did Britney. I heard TWO BARS of just the music and was shrieking at my husband for my laptop so I could buy the song ASAP lol!

Yeah. I’m still feeling a bit like I was stupid? A lot like I was stupid right now.

Which farmer’s markets do you like best? The Daley Plaza one is super great!

Were you, by any chance, an MMC fan? :)

I love the Daley Plaza farmers market. Because I can get those delicious vegan cranberry chocolate chip cookies. Oh man I SO CAN’T WAIT. And dried fruit and peaches and sweet corn. Ohhhhhhhh yeah.

Sadly no! I didn’t have cable at the time!!

I am freaking excited for corn. It’s all I ate last summer, in EVERY MEAL, the family loved me lol.

Fortunately, there is YouTube for MMC! :D Some people were awesome enough to post loads of songs and skits. :D

Oh it is SO ON now lol!


The hubs and I are always pondering whether to add another child. I think we would both love to have another baby but right now, things are “calm” With Two kids, two adults everything works…. He can easily handle both kids by himself and I can easily handle them both by myself. We have good routines and, for the first time since newborn stage that things are just calm. So, right now we’re afraid of “rocking the boat.” Somedays I am sure we’ll have another, other days I’m sure we’re done so who knows?! However, I HATE when people rudely say “so your done right ?!” and my SIL actually went as far as to say, once we found out we were having a boy and would have the “prized” one of each, “are you scheduling your total litigation for the same day as delivery ?” Never even asked if I wanted more, just assumed. People are crazy with their expectations on your family.

Good luck with weight watchers. I just joined a gym and have 15 pound goal in less than 2 months!

Life is too short to surround yourself with anyone who is causing you anything but happiness.
Don’t know many details behind it… But it all seems childish and there are more things in te world to worry about.

Reply to Melissa

LOL I can relate! Some days I’m like WE NEED TO BREED! And other days I’m like, wow thank the Gods I’m not pregnant right now lol!

Oh wow! 15 in less than 2 months!!

Yeah, I’m a bit disappointed how people are only focusing on that little snippet rather than all the other things I brought up that I feel are more… important?

Congratulations on the weight loss! I have been steadily gaining weight, which I haven’t had a huge problem with because the way I see it is if Allen still wants to see me naked, I’m good. However, I just outgrew my 36D bras and that bummed me out quite a bit because while I have several sizes of pants and shirts and can mostly just ignore the weight gain, I couldn’t ignore this. Plus, bras are damn expensive and I don’t want to buy more of them so I just haven’t been wearing bras. That sentence sounds so much more depressing than I meant it to.

I have been intrigued by Beyond the Sling for a while, mostly because I read Mayim Bialik’s blog posts on Kveller and I have also seen every interview she did to promote the book and I just love her to bits. I probably would have already bought her book if I was in the business of baby-making and subsequent human-raising, but I’m not, I just really like her viewpoint.

There was a Wife Swap marathon on Lifetime yesterday. I DVR’d the entire thing and plan to watch it on a loop today. So excited!

I watched the first few episodes of The Voice solely because Charlotte Sometimes was competing and I have been a fan of hers for YEARS. When I did web design and development full time, I would listen to her album all day long and it was pretty much the only thing that made me happy during that time. I also really like Lindsey Pavao and Juliet Simms. Cannot stand Tony Lucca, though.

LOL I hate buying bras. They are SO expensive!

I’m probably going to finish Beyond the Sling tonight! I love how it’s written and granted, I of course relate to it lol.

AHHAHA OMG! DH and I caught the Wife Swap “update” episode and that was fabulous! It’s what made me think of it!

LOL why do you not like Tony? I think Lindsey has such a unique voice, I don’t think it would be a commercial success though because it’s SO unique.

I’m sure it’s confusing to a lot of internetties who’ve read both your blogs for a while. Both of you posted about the good time you had meeting each other, and had pics, etc. And then you took yours down (afterward I assume) So it is weird, you know, with no explaination from her. Ah well.

As for babies, I fully intended on having another one after Sophie… but then I ran into a bunch of health issues mostly around/including my stomach. So I was told having a baby would be irresponsible for me and the baby. Maybe after everything is fixed, or we may adopt as well if it turns out that I can’t have another one because of complications.

My husband rolls his eyes when I watch wifeswap. I don’t care, I like wifeswap. I think it’s hillarious, although some of them are pretty gross… like the ones who only ate raw meat and refused to sanitize anything? Oh yeah and the one where the house had cockroaches and ants and bugs and the dad didn’t care. I think Wife Swap is on Lifetime at least 3 hours a day, but I wish there were more newer episodes because I’ve seen all the rest :)

I did take a lot of photos lol, naturally! I don’t think ANYONE is going to meet someone and then write a super negative post. I never said we had this god awful evil time, and really? The visit is NOT the point, it’s how the friendship dissolved and the lack of maturity in dealing with it. *shrugs*

I WOULD wait until Tristan self-weans before attempting another child so that puts us around another year – year and a half probably.

I think WifeSwap is AWESOME! I always love the super intense strict families going to the houses where rules don’t exist. It’s like their minds get blown.


Yay for weight loss! Boo to drama!

As for more children … Hubs and I really thought we were done. We moved into a house that is just about perfect in size for our family at this time, and all that good stuff.

But, for some odd reason, we recently decided we wanted another. It was kind of a mutual out-of-the-blue revelation. Partially, because I miss having a baby around (we have several young nieces, so until recently there has almost always been at least one young baby in the family), and partially because we are in a much better place right now, emotionally and financially, and it just feels “right”.

Reply to Nicole

OHHH! Are you excited to be TTC?


Yes and no. I mean, yay babies, right? But also, we haven’t told anyone that we are trying yet, so it is like this big secret. Also, it is taking longer than with my first two. Even though it hasn’t been that long yet at all, I tend to stress myself out over every little thing. It was so much easier when we were trying NOT to get pregnant ya know. lol

Reply to Nicole

Have you read the book, Taking Control of Your Fertility?


Not yet. I’ve doing the temping/charting, but if this cycle is another no-go I am going to pick it up.

Reply to Nicole

Heh, I look like I have multiple personalities, with my gravatar changing.

But yeah, also, I’m already dreading the “are you hoping for a girl” if we ever do get preg. Because having another boy would be the worst thing ever *eyeroll*

Reply to Nicole

What if you used one domain for your photography and the other for life and beauty posts?

My only fear of ANY new project, is one of two things.

1. other site gets WAY more traffic and OSN, my “baby” of 11 years, tanks.

2. other site sucks hardcore and no site gets traffic lol.

Well you know how I feel on the KW situation. I’m glad there’s some closure there…

Bravo on the 12lbs!!!

I’m addicted to The Voice as well, and although I’m not a fan of her genre, I’m pulling for Juliet. I think it’ll be between her and Chris Mann. He’s got such a social media following that I think he’s already won :(

Now I’m going to go check out all the links to sites and tutorials you posted…gee thanks :)

I still wish 1. the “DEFEND HER HONOR” people wouldn’t just leave totally random comments and run. I responded, you’d think they would answer my questions and 2. that seriously? ALL my attempts at contact to have a random commenter inform me that it’s because I removed her from my private twitter?

I am SO curious about tonight’s episode and tomorrow’s as well. I think it’ll be a super close call!


Aww I actually checked the food section!

Reply to Zee

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