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sarah is going to have surgery to remove her gallbladder this morning. they’re going to do it laproscopic. it should only take an hour and a half. my daughter and i went to see sarah in the hospital last night. and when we got there her sister ali was there. we tortured sarah with funny stories until she was laughing so, hard she couldn’t breathe. that was pretty funny. i think the funniest part was when she called for the nures to come in and give her a shot of morphine. she laid there looking all serious as if she was anticipating the next hit eyes all half closed and everything. and then like 30 seconds later was all giggling. ali asked her “the morphine kicking in there sarah?” to which sarah just smiled and giggled more. we all just pointed and laughed. which made her giggle even more. i’m telling you it was funny. she’s in really good spirits. she also, is being very courageous. she’s scared but, is asking all the questions and talking to all the doctors and nurses. and she’s looking forward to going home. i’m going to take my daughter back to the hospital to see her again today. so, i’ll have more updates for later. but, now i have to go drink my hot tea and try to wake up. so, more updates later.