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July 30th 2011 / 3 minutes to read

How was the month of July for you?

We had a ton of rain and flooding in the area (not our house though, thankfully!) and my uber best friend for life is moving to Florida tomorrow. I’m happy we got to spend a touch of time, got pedicures, got some new tattoo’s together… final Illinois memories together!

The Posts of Awesomeness

Bright and AWESOME
We celebrated the 4th of July at home with sparklers and fireworks! My oldest son and I had a blast doing crazy shapes and letters with the sparklers using a long exposure and my fabulous tripod.

Tree:1 – Backyard: 0
During one of the storms, our neighbor’s tree broke off (not the first time but indeed, the largest part of the tree) into our yard. To date they’ve ignored it. My husband contacted the village who said we have to take care of it since they won’t. So my husband is going to break it down Sunday most likely.

Above Us Only Sky
A post for Wordless Wednesday. I think over the years MOST of my photos tend to be sky focused. Something about it just remains mystical for me.

Already Freaking Out About School
I live each day in “what if” panic. When is the school going to send us the rest of the paperwork? When will they contact us about a meeting to discuss his transition / catching up? We still have to pay the $80 registration fee. When is the best time to buy all the school clothes (due to their strict dress code policy)? How are we going to afford all this? How the heck am I going to manage all this as a one car household without making everyone late?

Disappear Socially (Online Anyway)
I’m feeling a bit lonely (online) and feel like every FB status, tweet, and so on are just going out to the void. Or that if someone does respond, I end up feeling stupid. That I’m not coming across the way I intended. That the person is shaking their head, sighing, and thinking I’m an idiot. Or a bitch. Or both. I always struggle if I should “keep going” with social media and blogging, more so lately.

I Don’t Comment Because I’m Scared
For me, I feel like I’m going to say the wrong thing, babble, or have the comment be ignored. That my comment will be taken the wrong way or sometimes, I feel as though the blogger will not care if I comment or not. So how do I try to combat this? I comment MORE OFTEN!

So Pink
Another Wordless Wednesday post! This time featuring some pink roses.

blog-wp WordPress and Design Tidbits
I’ve had a few comments lately asking how to make a WordPress blog mobile and how I do my fancy comments form, so I’m sharing my tips and tricks!

Last Wordless Wednesday post of the month. Featuring what I typically get at one of our local farmer’s markets!

Recipe: Banana Strawberry Popsicles
This is SO easy, delicious, and healthy! Everyone loved them (especially my husband)! This recipe makes four servings of a pretty good sized Popsicle!

What have YOU blogged this month?

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