October 19th 2003 / 2 minutes to read

So I am back. I am tired. I now have a wicked cold.

Thank you everyone who blogged while I was away and said such lovely things about me! Thank you to everyone who sent me e-cards and wished me a happy birthday!

I had a nice trip. My mother loved Daniel and he had a fun time.

I am a bit out of it right now.

Oh, when I checked my caller ID and voicemail, one of my best friends from Tucson left two messages, Nicki, whom I have not spoken to since oh geez… March I think? I saw that Matt called on Thursday night but he left no message… I do not know why he called.

I am glad I took tomorrow off (Tuesday I am on call but since I am sick I am going to beg it off) because I need time to shake this illness off.

I will of course write a restricted entry about some things lol so if you don’t already have the password… contact me!

My awesome hostee Melissa sent me this!

The lovely Krissy sent me this!

I got a real mail card from MJ which made me feel so special!

I will probably write tomorrow once my thoughts are in order… oh Imagination and all fanlistings were updated! Ok, that is it for now!

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So glad you had a good time. I’m sure Grandma enjoyed Daniel and I’m really glad the Daniel enjoyed himself, sometimes that age with meeting new people is difficult.  Bummer with the cold thing but we are so glad to have you back.  Isn’t it always the case that coming home from vacation means one needs a vacation.  Never feels like you get much rest when you are traveling!

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