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How did you first discover witchcraft, and what made you decide to follow that path?
Hmm I really don’t remember! I do remember finding a lot of information online when I was about 13yrs old.

Are you in or out of the closet? If you’re out, what was the initial reaction of friends and family?
Out… inital reactions? No idea lol. It was never a big announcement or anything. The only problem I have come across family wise is my father making little “Can you do a magic wicca spell” out of nowhere to win the lottery or some other weird thing.

What was your first contact like with others of the pagan faith? How did you find them?
Oh geez, I guess online. For the most part most of who I have met are awesome but a few of them… cracked out.

posted on October 20th 2003 at 1:52PM CDT

I’ve been visiting this place forever, yet I’ve never noticed that you live in Illinois. I do too! :D I feel like a moron now . . .

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