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Do you have a Blurty? If so, let me know! I highly suggest people move over from LiveJournal, due to the unstable servers, and limits on posts/commenting. If you sign up with Blurty now, you might still be able to get an early adopter account! Just like paid, but for free. My account is Effulgence.

Make sure to stop by and join Wisdom, it recently got re-vamped.

Pagan Voice is back up, with a new layout too! If you were a member, please re-submit the form with your desired username and password.

Heh, chublet here seems to have a facination with my VCR. Crazy baby.

Ugh, I prepared this huge entry in my mind, but alas, my mind is mush at the moment.

OSN wise, I am currently open for hosting, still trying to get everything and everyone set back up. I need to attempt to work on a March design, probably two of them, the first one will most likely be St. Patrick’s Day themed, (which is also my brothers birthday!), and the second, more “spring” themed I would think.

Well, that is the babble for now, also, does anyone know what happened with Gina of Recycled-Thoughts.com?

Now, off to entertain the wee one!

posted on February 21st 2003 at 8:22AM CST

i’m sloopygirl21 @ blurty and i’m trying to train myself to post there more.


posted on February 21st 2003 at 11:42AM CST

Did the Blurty thing, Sarah.  Creature of habit you know the name…

posted on February 21st 2003 at 12:20PM CST

Sarah! You’re back! I didn’t know musings was up again! I absolutely LOVE the layout. You have no idea, the picture is just beautiful, and, well, I could babble on and on about it. It’s just great. I love it.

And I’m earenwe on LJ/Blurty, so feel free to add me, hostsibs! :)

posted on February 25th 2003 at 8:39AM CST

Hi Sarah! I’m over here: ginadivina.com :)  I haven’t been able to access your site, I kept getting a page not found. Glad to see you up again.

Thinking good thoughts for you sweetie ((((hugs))))

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