Urban Decay Nail Polish in Vice and Addiction

July 23rd 2013 / 1 minute to read

Urban Decay has recently released two limited edition nail polishes for their Fall 2013 collection. Apparently every season they will come out with two seasonal shades which is nice!



Not gonna lie, I love the sparkly stickers


The shades for their Fall 2013 Collection are Addiction and Vice

Addiction is a sparkly sort of metallic gun metal green with gold shimmer. Depending on the light, it can also pull blue-green.
Vice is a deep purple with blue and red shimmer.

I loved the bottles, very sturdy and the cap has a skull with roses for eyes! It’s the little details like that that sort of separate the higher end brands from drug store.







The Urban Decay nail polish formula on both of these was fantastic! Opaque in two coats. Not too thick and not too watery, just perfect. I do wish the crazy intense shimmer from Vice came out more on the nail but overall it’s a great purple and we all know it’s my ultimate favorite color.

Price: $15.00
Where to Buy: UrbanDecay.com, Ulta, and Sephora

Extra Info: these are Limited Edition so buy them now while you still can!

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They look awesome – love ’em!

You’re right, vice looks more creme with sparkles rather than glittery – also, I love the fact that addiction, though it looks very gun metal gray it pulls in a lot of green. LOVE THEM!

What I also love about Addiction is that even though it looks like chunky glitter, the formula is very smooth, not gritty at all.


I need this! Haha!

Reply to Crystal

YES! Yes you do!

Amanda Jillian

I love the sparkly green!

Reply to Amanda Jillian

It’s gorgeous, I’m really loving their fall collection right now (even though Autumn is still over two months away lol!)

kristen @ glambunctious

These are both gorgeous, but I’m with you on Vice! Stunning!

Reply to kristen @ glambunctious

I want to wear them all the time but… I just can’t… they are too Autumny lol! But mid-September will be coming up soon and then I can wear Vice ALL THE TIME.

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